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How to Make Newspaper Plant Pots – Get Going With Growing!

It’s that time of year again! As February eases into March, and there is a hint of warmth in the sun, planting begins in earnest and there are lots of ways to get children involved.

This week we have been making newspaper plant pots. These are fab because, not only are they free, they are also beneficial to many plants. Lots of little seedlings don’t like all the disruption of being moved from a plastic pot into the garden, if you plant them in newspaper tubes you don’t have to disturb them! You can plant them straight into the ground when the time comes and the newspaper will degrade naturally while the seed does its thing. Newspaper tubes are also nice and long and straight which is great for sweet peas (and later for runner beans) which like a long root run.

We used the pages from our local newspaper which is tabloid sized. We took one page and folded it in half, top to bottom, he then rolled it around a rolling pin leaving about an inch free at the bottom (don’t do this too tightly or you won’t get the pot off the pin without a fight), folded the bottom up and removed it from the pin.

Each tube was stacked into an old plastic mushroom box and filled with compost before he popped a seed into each one. We got six tubes in this box, they were a bit wobbly so I packed in a bit of extra newspaper to stop them toppling over and chucking compost all over the house.

These are sweet peas which we are starting off indoors, so the mushroom tray has no holes in it to avoid stained windowsills.

We have also planted spinach, purple sprouting broccoli and broad beans into pots outside to get going with our growing. All of these could be planted directly in the ground but our walled garden is slug infested and I like to give the plants a head start!

If you’ve got any questions about gardening with children or getting going with growing pop them in a comment and I will do my best to answer them! Come back often for more tips to help you enjoy your garden with children.

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  1. Great Article, Really enjoyed reading it. I’m off to make one of those, fanstatic!

  2. Thank you for this. We made them yesterday, but used a glass instead. So much more environmentally friendly than peat pots!


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