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Loo Roll Caterpillars and Pipe Cleaner Dragonflies

In the Spring there is a pond at my son’s school full of frogs and frog’s spawn. He told me how those jelly eggs will turn into frogs in intricate detail. He is fascinated by the notion of metamorphosis so we had another look at an old favourite and re-read¬†The Very Hungry Caterpillar and we talked about dragonflies and grasshoppers.

the very hungry caterpillar, loo roll caterpillar, caterpillar craft

Then we made a caterpillar and a dragonfly, just because we can! He did the caterpillar and his lovely sister made the dragonfly.

To make the caterpillar we used 5 cardboard inners from loo rolls which he painted a lovely vibrant spring green.

loo roll caterpillar, caterpillar craft

He painted a smiley face on and we joined it all together with a piece of garden twine so that it wiggles nicely.

the very hungry caterpillar, loo roll caterpillar, caterpillar craft

To make the dragonfly we used 2 pipe cleaners. We took the first one and bent it in half, twisting it together and leaving the top bit untwisted to make the head.

Next, we cut the other pipe cleaner in half and twisted one a third of the way down the body and the other a further third along. We bent them upwards and stuck wing-shaped shiny pieces on to them.

pipecleaner dragonfly, pipe cleaner craftsThis post first appeared on my family life blog Thinly Spread

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