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The sun broke through at the weekend and we spent most of our time outside in the garden, hacking through the undergrowth with machetes (wooden swords for him, secateurs for me), pulling up last years annuals and planting more seeds for this year.

This week’s’ top tip for keeping children involved and turning them on to gardening is a quick craft activity which brightens up seed planting and was a delight to do in the sunshine!

Water is always an attractive proposition so I got him scrubbing clean some terracotta pots (I bought a job lot of these really cheaply from Trade It a few years ago but you can use plastic plant pots if you haven’t got any)

Once they were clean and had dried in the sun we got on with some decorating. We used acrylic paints* as these are going to be out in all weathers and we don’t want our masterpieces washed away. He carefully painted his colours onto stampers and then pressed them onto the pot. This stamp came free with a magazine, you could make potato printers, use foam cut to shape or use any of the commercially available stamper/printer sets.

Having carefully printed the front of his pot he decided to add a surprise element to the back and used a brush for some freehand work!

We were very pleased with the final product! They would make great Mother’s Day gifts especially when planted up with some gorgeous yellow narcissi.

And on the back? A dragon breathing fire!

This week we are preparing our veg beds by clearing the winter weeds, we have seed potatoes ready for chitting and we are planting more seeds like people possessed (we always plant too many but we find homes for most of them either here or as gifts for friends!) Come back next week for more Gardening with Kids!

*Acrylic paint is fast drying and, once dry, becomes water-resistant. It is therefore a good idea to pop an apron or old clothes on to small people! Brushes and stampers can be washed off in warm water but don’t let them dry out too much or it can be a bit of a battle!

This post is linked up with Red Ted Art‘s Kid’s Crafts. Pop over for more Spring/Easter/Mother’s Day/Every Day crafts!

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  1. Love the dragon

  2. Oooh how lovely! Just makes you want to get out there, get crafty and gardening! Can’t wait!

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


    • Go on, out you go! x

  3. What a great gift idea, the look wonderful. The stamps turned out really well.

    • They did! I was surprised they worked as well as they did but he is used to stamping on paper. I think the slightly smudgy look makes them all the nicer!

  4. What a lovely personalised present and great idea for teaching children about things growing


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