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Quick Crafts – Apple Printing

Sunday October 21st  saw the UK celebrating Apple Day. Originated in 1990 by Common Ground, apple day has grown to be a celebration of English apples, orchards and mellow fruitfulness. Apple Day events have sprung up around the country where you can try your hand at apple pressing, drink freshly squeezed apple juice, taste delectable pies and cakes and enjoy a little piece of England!

Why not celebrate apple season with a simple printing craft? Simply slice an apple in half horizontally and you will expose this beautiful star shape.

Remove the pips if you like to see if you can grow an apple tree, pat the apple slices dry and pour some ready mix paint into a small tray. Brush or sponge the paint evenly onto your apple slice and press down onto your paper!

The beauty of printing with children is that it is a quick and easy craft with a result which pleases them enormously. With Christmas beginning to wave its hand at us on the horizon why not use the apple star print to cover a large sheet of paper?  ‘Hey Presto’ you have ready made Christmas wrapping paper! Green and red would look lovely and gold and silver would be very classy!

When you’ve finished printing you can continue your apple day theme with some home made toffee apples for a perfect end to the day!

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