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What To Do With The Rain

A drought was announced here in the South West of England about ten days ago. It has rained, heavily, every day since. I can almost hear the plants in our garden gulping it in! I have listened to moans on the school run, taken part in a bit of tutting, seen people with their noses pressed up against the windscreens of their cars, scowling through the drops.

But rain is a wonderful thing, it is a life-giver and rain doesn’t dissolve children. Don’t rush them through it, try not to always be going somewhere, live in the moment, let them feel the rain.

  • Stand in the rain and catch raindrops on your tongue
  • Put on wellies and waterproofs (or shorts and a T-shirt) and puddle jump
  • Drop a little pebble in a puddle and watch the ripples
  • Put an empty container outside and see how much rain you have gathered in an hour/two hours/a day/a week
  • Choose a raindrop each, watch it as is runs down the window and see whose reaches the bottom first
  • Find an oily puddle and look at the rainbows
  • Chase rainbows when the sun comes out, tell them there is a pot of gold, give them the magic

As you can imagine we are quite fond of rainbows here at Climbing Rainbows and we like to have them on tap. We have crystals hanging in various windows to catch the sunlight and scatter rainbows all over the house.

As the white light passes through the crystal it is separated out into all the colours of the rainbow. If you twirl a crystal, you can make rainbows dance.

What are your top tips for rainy days?

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  1. You have made me see a different perspective on rain however, the rainy school run for those children not dressed appropriately is not good when they have to sit in wet clothes at school all day, if we can’t find spare clothes or pe kit for them to change into.

    However my suggestion for a dry indoor rainy activity is, look at a window with a friend, choose a raindrop to watch each then have a race with your raindrops from the top to the bottom of the window. Perhaps the best of three.

    Then have a break for a homemade cake, because I bake on rainy days.

    • I think I mentioned the raindrop race ;-) You are absolutely right, I would never send mine off without the right clothes for the day (mine all went with coats this morning, I wasn’t going to be taken in by that cheeky ray of sunshine!) and I could never understand when I was a classroom teacher how a parent could send their child without a coat. Cake is ALWAYS good! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, it is much appreciated!

  2. I love your stuff! Here at The Bridge Cottage Way I’m also all for getting kids outdoors exploring the great outdoors and having fun!

    • Thank you Sue, there is nothing better!

  3. I am very angry about the rain at the moment. The boys school do not let them out in the rain at playtimes – grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    When they were in preschool there, we were told there was no such thing as bad weather just inappropriate clothes!

  4. Well I have two huge puddle fans, so the rain is our friend! We are often the lone visitors to our local parks etc when it’s pouring with rain. I’ve found one perfect spot where a huge puddle forms for the kids to enjoy and there’s a spot of shelter for me just next to it!

    As a child I can remember dancing in the rain getting soaked to the skin and absolutely loving it, so I hope my children will enjoy the same thing.

  5. oooh what beautiful photos! I hope we get a rainbow soon. I quite like the rain. xx

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