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Why Don’t You…?

This week Why Don’t You…

1. Plant a pizza? Plant some tomato and basil seeds on a windowsill now and by the end of summer  you will have the ingredients for a pizza topping. (Plant the tomato into a bigger pot and pop it outside once all danger of frost has passed)

2. Go on a forage? Collect fallen objects on a forest walk and build houses for fairies. Make sure they are off the beaten track, tucked into the base of a tree or at the edge of an inviting clearing. Don’t forget they will need furniture, fixtures and fittings and make sure you don’t take anything which is still growing, the fairies are recyclers not thieves!

3. Celebrate Dr Seuss’ birthday with some junk modelling? Can you make a cleaning up machine to better the one The Cat in the Hat produces to clean up the mess he has made? Or how about getting out the play dough and coming up with some gruesome offerings to tempt the taste buds even more than Green Eggs and Ham?

4. Go on a shape walk? Take a camera with you and photograph all the shapes you find in your local environment. Ask children to look for specific shapes if they get stuck – who will be the first to spot a triangle/circle/pentagon? Look at your photos together when you get back and see how many of each shape you spotted.

5. Encourage the birds to nest in your garden? The birds no longer need feeding as spring gets into its stride but why not put a selection of nesting material out for them instead? Fill an old mesh bag (the sort oranges and lemons are sold in) with hair from your hairbrush, bits of cotton, string, small twigs, the fluff from the tumble drier and hang it from your bird table or the branch of a tree.

Whatever you decide to do, we hope you have lots of fun out and about or snuggled up at home, laughing, loving and learning with your children!

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  1. We will be going to a bookstore tomorrow so the boys can spend their book tokens from world book Day and will spend most of the weekend in the garden, plotting if the weather permits

    • A lovely plan for the weekend! We’ll be off with our book tokens too, thanks for reminding me!

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